Kelly Winder started out with nothing but sheer determination, and a mission: to provide support and information for new mothers.

Fifteen years later, her website,, has an audience of millions, and Kelly and her writing team continue to inform and educate parents and parents-to-be about the choices and decisions they make at such an important time in their lives.

In 2002, Kelly had no money and no business background. Having experiencing postnatal anxiety and depression after her first child was born, she wanted to find a way to provide a resource for women who were going through the sometimes tough realities of being a new mother – which no-one seemed to be talking about.

“I wanted to create an Australian-based website, and offer information and heart-to-heart support for new mothers. There wasn’t really very much around at that time – a website with the word ‘Belly’ in the name sounded like a great idea”.

In October of 2004, Kelly gave birth to a son. It was her inspiration to become a doula (a trained birth support professional). It also changed BellyBelly forever.

Kelly became heavily involved in maternity reform and advocacy. She attended birth rallies in Canberra and Melbourne, spoke at the Parliamentary Inquiry Into Breastfeeding, and became a strong voice for birthing women in Australia. Due to her work in the birth industry, and her increasingly popular pregnancy and parenting website, she quickly became a well-known leader in her field.

BellyBelly became known as ‘The Thinking Woman’s Website For Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting’. Its presence exploded in the United States, and also expanded into other countries. Midwives, birth educators, breastfeeding consultants, natural health therapists, doctors and others around the world recommend BellyBelly every day.

Kelly’s determination has paid off. Today BellyBelly reaches 2.5 million visitors, who read a total of 7 million pages every month. It also has 1 million Facebook fans.

What’s Kelly’s secret?

Kelly attributes the success of BellyBelly to several factors, but one thing stands out. She was determined never to give up, despite massive hurdles and challenges along the way.

“They were often the sort of challenges you can’t see your way out of at the time, but I always knew they would put me on the path I needed to be on, and teach me what I needed to know. Then I knew I’d find a solution”.

In November 2014, Kelly wrote her first e-book: Want To Become a Doula? Everything You Need to Know. It’s designed to help and encourage aspiring and student doulas who want to make a positive difference in the lives of birthing women.

After 15 years, Kelly’s passion for pregnancy, birth and parenting issues grows stronger every day. And 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, millions of parents and parents-to-be, all over the world, benefit from the information, advice and support they find at

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